Current global statistics on Influential Marketing

  1. Businesses earn 5.20 $for every 1 $invested in influencer marketing: The Influencer Marketing Hub (collaborated with Viral Nation and NeoReach) researched in 2019, which demonstrates how influencer marketing can make high profits for those companies who are involved.

    The top 13% of companies earn 20 dollars or more. Many businesses get decent outcomes from marketing with influencers, with just 25 percent failing to make any profits.
  2. 61% of marketing firms recognize identifying relevant influencers for a project complicated: Mediakix performed its yearly Influencer Marketing Survey in 2019. Sixty-one percent of the advertisers responded to the survey accepted the challenge of identifying appropriate marketing influencers. The advertisement is likely to struggle from the outset because you are not working with the right influencers for your company.
  3. 67% of marketing and promotional specialists collaborate with influencers for content marketing: A research by Schlesinger Associates for Augure in May 2015 indicated that brand marketing is the key factor for marketing and promotional practitioners to collaborate with influencers – in anticipation of product launch, content development, event management, business relations, SEO and public relations.
  4. Individuals aged 13-24 were twice as likely to assess an influencer by their social media presence and follower tally as older people: This was another outcome from the Twitter study. The way various age categories perceive influence in social networking sites is distinguished. Elderly groups prefer to adopt conventional popular individuals. Millennials are more almost certain to become interested in contemporary celebrities on social networking sites.