WFIMA Membership

Any duly constituted influencer marketing agency may apply for admission to the WFIMA.

WFIMA advocating on behalf of our members and advocating ethical business practices, brands and Influencer protection.

There are many benefits to Membership of the WFIMA, including permission to use the WFIMA logo which is a tool for growing a business in the Influencer marketing industry. Any size business can apply to join, provided they are prepared to adhere to the Code of Practice. This includes start-up enterprises, to whom the WFIMA provides basic advice free of charge. Applicants and their businesses are assessed against a range of criteria aimed at promoting industry professionalism, brand and influencer protection. Influencer and Brand’s can be confident that any business agency that is a Member of the WFIMA is ethical and professional.

If your Agency is not a member of the WFIMA and is interested in applying for WFIMA membership please contact [email protected] for more information.